Own your own Spy in the Sky

April 14, 2014

Kevin Berger



Image borrowed from thrillist.com via supercompressor.com

Now you too can spy on your friends and neighbors just like the NSA!  Lehmann Aviations LA100 is an automated drone on which you can mount your own GoPro camera for your own aerial photography.

From the Lehmann website:  “LA100 – world’s first aircraft designed for users with no piloting background – is now coming in Version2. It is a fully autonomous UAV (drone). Just choose one of the suggested flight paths and altitude in OperationCenter, check drone’s systems via Wi-Fi, connect the battery, launch it, and wait for it to come back to you after 5 minutes of flight (limited for safety purposes). The whole system comes ready to fly without GoPro and tablet.

You can pick one of their kits up at their website for $990 and be up and flying in no time.


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