Would Your New House Look Good in High Heels?

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I’m not talking about stripper shoes!  I’m talking about truss construction.  This is something we’re seeing and recommending more in new construction.  Installing a truss with a raised heel detail allows for more insulation at the perimeter where often the insulation is compressed or absent due to the proximity of the interior ceiling to the roof deck.  The detail to the right shows how a standard truss is built.  As discussed here before, venting and insulation is important to shingle life and to prevent ice damming.

Image borrowed from Building America Solution Center

A high heeled or raised heel truss (see left) is created with the equivalent of an additional wall section separating the bottom chord and top chord of the truss at the exterior wall.  This allows full thickness insulation to extend out to the wall and complete the protection of the building envelope.  If care is used in selecting your roof slope and eave extensions, this is never noticed as your soffit can be installed to return at the same height as the interior ceiling making the construction look like a standard cantilever truss.

When you’re planning your new home or addition to your existing home, make sure and ask us about this and other “Green That Save Green” solutions.

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