Retractable Receptacle

March 11, 2013



Image borrowed from Contractor Supply MagazineOften it’s after the fact that you realize where you need an electrical outlet on a work surface.  Thomas & Betts has come up with a retrofit solution with their Carlon Retractable Work Surface Receptacle.  The receptacle comes as a kit.  It is pre-wired with a six foot cord to plug into an existing outlet and a hole saw that can be used with a standard drill to make the necessary cut.  (See an installed picture at Galesburg Electric here.)

“Electronics and other powered devices, such as phone chargers, laptops and small appliances, are used mostly on work surfaces,” said Chad Smith, director, product management for Thomas & Betts. “Outlets, on the other hand, are typically located underneath. The Carlon® Retractable Work Surface Receptacle offers the convenience and safety of placing the outlet on the work surface.”

Caution:  Care should be taken to plug the receptacle into a GFI protected circuit if the receptacle is to be installed in a potentially wet location.

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