Protect Your Belongings When Using a Hand Truck

March 4, 2013



Illustration borrowed from American ProfileI ran across this tip in American Profile “Clayton Beggs of Kelseyville, California, pads his hand truck with foam pipe insulation to prevent damage to whatever he happens to be carting around.”  

This is something we have done for years.  It’s one of those things that seems obvious and makes you wonder why hand trucks don’t come this way…  You can pick up pipe insulation in various sizes at your local plumbing supply store.  (We actually have some here.)  Select the size that will fit your hand truck rails.  Slit it lengthwise with a packing knife and fit it around the rail.  Generally it will stay in place on its own, but you can glue the joint back together with adhesive made for this or you can use a few zip ties to hold it in place.  I wouldn’t recommend gluing it to the rails as you may want to replace it when it begins to wear.

You can read the American Profile article here.

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