MCEDC Community Leaders Gathered for Brainstorming

February 22, 2013



Marshall-EDC-logoOn Wednesday, Marshall County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) held a meeting at Swan Lake Resort with some of the leaders from each of our communities.  This was presented as a follow-up to the successful Econ 101 seminar MCEDC held last fall.  Approximately 30 individuals representing the County Commissioners, Town and City Councils, Redevelopment Commissions and area businesses held a frank discussion on what needs to be done to move their various communities forward.

Shawn Peterson from the Corporate Partnership for Economic Growth (CPEG) did an excellent job of facilitating the conversation.  His former position with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) allowed him to share insight into  the interactions the state and LEDO‘s have with site selectors.  “Generally requests come in with a requirement for a 48 hour turn-around.  If the information is not readily available, a community will not make the cut.”

While the root causes varied, there was a consensus that we need to streamline our processes and work towards having properties and buildings ready for immediate sale in order to attract new business to our communities.  It was gratifying to hear some community representatives share what was working for them.  It was also good to hear their willingness to expose their problems and share in discussions on what can be done that will benefit all of Marshall County.  I think many there were relieved to hear that the problems were common and not just something they were dealing with alone.

A Comprehensive Plan should pull the puzzle pieces together

MCEDC is looked to by our communities to market them and bring in new business.  While we’re eager to help, the individual communities need to do the ground work and provide MCEDC something to sell.  One of the key discussion points was Comprehensive Plans.  Currently three local communities, Culver, LaPaz and Plymouth are in various stages of new or updated Comprehensive Plans.  We discussed at length how those plans should include long range plans for growth and preserve land for future industrial growth.  The communities not currently involved in new Comprehensive Plans should dust theirs off and see what their plans say in this regard.  It may well be time for them to address these issues as well.

The conversation was well received and seemed to have generated some excitement.  Hopefully the attendees take that enthusiasm back to their communities and it spreads.  We have a lot to offer and I sincerely hope we can work together to showcase the possibilities.

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