The World is Burning!

October 15, 2012



A fire pit in the form of a globe or “Third Rock – Earth and all its glory reveal a fiery inner core through the continents of our planet” as it is put at the Fire Pit Art site.  There is a whole series of pictures including ones showing its creation at the Fire Pit Art site here.

I thought the image was fascinating.  Originally I thought this could be another option for the Firemen’s Memorial, but it’s not designed to a be a gas-fired display.  In any case, this is an interesting art piece, each one individually signed and numbered by its designer, Rick Wittrig.

It is made of 1/4″ steel, stands 40″ tall and has a diameter of 36″.  It has a drain in the bottom to allow rain to run out.

The Third Rock fire pit can be purchased at the Fire Pit Art site here for $1,679.

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