Clean Cut Touchless Paper Dispenser

September 17, 2012


Green, Tips

The Clean Cut Dispenser from Smart Product Innovations, Inc. has created a hands-free paper towel dispenser that dispenses paper towel cut to the length you need using your preferred brand of paper towel.

The dispenser mounts under the counter.  It has a light beam on either side.  Break the beam on the right and paper towel is dispensed.  Allow the length you need to roll out.  Remove your hand and the dispenser will stop.  Break the beam on the left and the paper is cut.  You can then take the cut sheet to use without ever touching the remaining paper.  This allows the paper to be used cleanly without contaminating the unused portion of the roll.

At our house we’ve started using the half sheet paper towels.  Often that is sufficient for the need.  This device  would allow you to use quarter sheets, half sheets, three-quarter sheets or however much is sufficient for the task.  This is a green option since you only use what is needed.

The device is $126 at  It comes in four finishes including the stainless steel option shown here.  It requires a wall outlet to plug in a low voltage power adapter.

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