Vinyl Base Installation Tip

May 16, 2011



This tip comes from observing Pat Creamer of H & D Creamer in Warsaw install vinyl base at LaPaz Garden Court. Outside corners are always difficult to perfect with vinyl base.  It’s not unusual for the adhesive to lose its grip and allow gaps at the corner. 

Using scrap cardboard, cut a form to fit the corner.  This can be used to fit any corner dimension or configuration, whether 90 degree or not.  Each form can be duplicated as necessary using a razor knife.  Once  you have forms for your corners, here are the steps for using them to create perfect corners:

  1. Cut the base to fit the linear dimension required.
  2. Heat the base with a heat gun to maximize flexibility. Be careful not to over heat as this could cause discoloration or could actually melt/burn the vinyl.
  3. Apply adhesive to base and wall. Place base while adhesive is still tacky. Reheat if necessary, but take care not to over dry the adhesive.
  4. Apply the form to the corner with an appropriate weight.  Leave the form in place until adhesive has set.  (Read the specifications for the adhesive you’re using to determine recommended curing time.)

Thanks Pat!

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