Wind Farms Around Culver

March 28, 2011


Paul Dockery of NEXTera has been making the rounds promoting Wind Farms in general and specifically the possibility of a NEXTera Wind Farm to the South and East of Lake Maxinuckee in Marshall and Fulton Counties.  I have heard his presentations to the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation and to the Lake Maxinkuckee Environmental Council.  All the presentations have been positively received and it is clear that Mr. Dockery believes in his product.

There are many issues out there regarding Wind Farms ranging from complaints regarding sound, shadow flicker and visual clutter.  Mr. Dockery addresses these in his presentations, though there are obviously people that still have concerns.  There was an article in the Pilot News (below) concerning a presentation by the Purdue Extension service regarding Wind Farms tomorrow night.  I thought it was worth putting it out here for those that might be interested in sitting in and listening to what should be a dispassionate discussion on the issue.


I don’t have a strong opinion on Wind Farms.  I have been to visit them and have not found them overly objectionable.  I didn’t get heart palpitations, hearing loss or suffer an epileptic seizure.  That’s not to say my few minutes of exposure in any way relates to what someone living next door may experience.  My concern is that these fairly benign installations are being attacked by the NIMBY crowd which often wants to see nothing change.

Their concerns should be evaluated.  If our Zoning Ordinance does not adequately address the issue, it should be revisited.  We can’t be against everything though…  Can we?  I’m rather fond of electricity.

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