Francis Ellert in the General Assembly

Culver Citizen article announcing Francis Ellert's candidacy 12-10-09

Culver Citizen article announcing Francis Ellert's candidacy 12-10-09

I had lunch with Francis last Friday.   I’ve been friends with Francis for more than a decade now.   We met when we served on the Culver Chamber of Commerce Board together.   He is someone I respect and we meet on occasion to attempt to solve the world’s problems… or at least to discuss how they’re currently affecting us.

Well, Francis has stepped up and is taking it to the next level.  He has made the choice to get politically involved and actually do something about it.   He has announced that he is running for the District 17 State Representative position.   Not that he hasn’t been involved before now.   He has served on many boards such as the Chamber Board where I met him.  He’s well known in the community and I think he has an excellent shot at this.

I’m pretty stoked about the possibility of having someone of Francis’s quality representing us in the General Assembly.  He has a good head on his shoulders and and he’s not afraid to take on a challenge.  Plus, the main thing I like about Francis is that I know he will listen.  I am constantly frustrated by politicians that make decisions for us without understanding the issues.  How hard is it to ask those that it will affect?  I trust Francis to make informed decisions.  I also trust him to have the humility to accept it when I bust his chops if he slips up on this!  Ha!

Best wishes for a successful campaign, Francis!  I think we would all benefit from your success in this endeavor.


Update:  WTCA Radio has some good background information on Francis on a web page here.

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