Woodcraft Camp Cabin 2A

Cabin 2A was put into service for the 2011 Woodcraft Camp.  This was a rush project we completed for Culver Academies.  The project was not started until April of 2011.  From start to finish we had approximately 10 weeks to complete design drawings (duplicating existing cabins), obtain a State Building Release (which required a variance), obtain materials (which included special order Cedar beams shipped in from the state of Washington) and construct the building on site somewhat shoe-horned in between two existing cabins.  Despite the challenges we had the cabin ready for the counselor to move in on the weekend of June 17th, the week before campers arrived.  The counselor’s commentary when I met with her and told her that Easterday Construction had completed the new cabin?  “Cool!  You Rock!”  I took that as a pretty resounding endorsement.

If you want to read some posts from our blog as the project progressed, you can find them herehere and here.

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