The Lorax is here!

Dr. Seuss's The Lorax

Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax

The much anticipated focal point for Yei-Yei’s Game Room arrived this week.  The 600+ pound bronze Lorax has taken his place on the pedestal we built for him.  The crew had given me a hard time about over-designing the structure for the pedestal base, but I think they changed their tune (toon?) when it took five stout men to move it into place.  The delivery company sent two guys to place it and there is no way that would have happened.  We were able to move it around adjacent to the exterior doors with a forklift, but from there it was all Egyptian style moving through finished space… in some cases over wood floors and ceramic tile that had to be protected.  Fortunately we were able to accomplish this without mishap.

John Singleton as The Lorax

John Singleton as The Lorax

When he realized that he was going to have to help move the statue, John volunteered to take its place rather than do the heavy lifting.  That was until it was pointed out that the Lorax is naked in the sculpture.  John agreed with the rest of us that, “No one wants to see that!”  Poor Lawana!

In any case, the statue is in place with no damage to it, the room or the movers.  We are pleased to help the Owner realize their vision.  The Lorax looks like it was meant to be there… which it was!

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