Berger Audiology Signs Are Up

DSCI0002We were pleased to see the new signs go up yesterday.  They should make Berger Audiology a little easier to find.  We were fortunate to be allowed to reuse the base signs and only change the faces, so that saved some expense.  It was still significant since there were six separate sign installations required.  We’re hoping the highway sign will be clear enough, though the lettering proved to be a little small.  We think the facade sign came out nicely.  We will also be adding an awning above the door which should provide a nice accent.

DSCI0003Becky has a full schedule this week and is interviewing for an assistant.  Currently she’s handling the phones and check-ins while seeing patients, so bear with her.  She’s definitely pleased with the number of former patients that have taken the time to track her down.  In some cases they have waited for service until she got up and running which has been extremely humbling to her  –  though slightly ironic considering one of the reasons she chose to leave The Hearing Clinic and start her own practice was her concerns about the long wait times patients endured when attempting to make appointments.

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