Antiquarian Entrance II

September 4, 2009


Entrance Door MuralAs discussed in a previous entry here, we have been working on enhancements to the Culver Antiquarian & Historical Museum in the basement of the Culver Union Township Public Library.  We have been assisted by Angela Ridenour of Imagine Studios, LLC  on the photography and she installed the train picture on the doors this week completing this project.  We struggled some with this image as it was taken from a post card, requiring it to be scaled up by a factor of approximately 15.  This has caused the pixelation of the original picture to show up, giving a somewhat gauzy effect.  The picture, as well as the train entrance, should be effective in drawing patrons down the hall from the library lower lobby into the museum foyer.

DSCN2544We’ve been asked several times about the design of the entrance.  Per the Museum Designer, Ted Swigon, it is a representation of the pavilions at the Town Park which were formerly loading and unloading shelters for the train depot.  While some of the detail has been removed from the pickets at the top, the post adjacent to the door is a scribed replica of the posts currently in use.  The colors were chosen from old photographs which show that the upper portion of the shelter was either left unfinished or just lightly varnished, leaving the natural wood to show.

We are pleased that we have had the opportunity to work with the Antiquarian & Historical Society on this project and look forward to helping them complete their other projects at the museum.

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