Standard Terms

  1. Easterday Construction Co., Inc. shall require a project start-up down payment of 10% unless otherwise noted by contract.
  2. Easterday Construction Co., Inc. shall send invoices by mail, fax or email at the end of each month for the work completed and materials stored since the start of the project or since the previous billing. Payments shall be required by the 10th of the month following billings.
  3. Easterday Construction Co., Inc. shall mail, fax or email statements reflecting outstanding invoice balances. For each delinquent account, a monthly service charge equal to 1-1/2% of the past due balances will be added.
  4. Easterday Construction Co., Inc. may file preliminary lien notices and mechanic’s liens whenever necessary or required by law. This is company policy and is not a reflection of your credit standing.
  5. Client agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees, collection costs, and court costs incurred by Easterday Construction Co., Inc. in enforcing these terms.
  6. Contracts may be modified by Change Order, either verbal or written. Verbal change orders by an authorized representative of the Owner shall be binding. Authorized representatives shall be determined prior to the start of work.
  7. Easterday Construction Co., Inc. may at its discretion waive any of the above referenced terms and conditions without waiving rights to the enforcement of any of the other terms listed.
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