Enterprise Rent-A-Car

We were introduced to Enterprise Rent-A-Car by B.A. Martin Architects, P.C.  Enterprise had a small facility in a trailer in Plymouth.  They were working under a temporary variance on a site they were leasing.  We helped them work through various options for bringing that site within zoning standards.  Due to budget constraints it was not feasible to do the renovations required.  As they were under deadline constraints, we helped them dismantle and relocate that facility in order to avoid fines.  While they were pleased with our work here, we were unsuccessful in bidding for the renovations to the new facility to which they were relocating.

Since that time, we have been asked to consult on several potential projects with Enterprise and have completed projects with them as well.  We have completed the projects below:

Enterprise Rent-A-Car – Quick Auto – South Bend, Indiana

This site was formally a Quick Auto location that had gone through several other former lives including one as a laundromat. While this site was in better condition than the first Enterprise site, it still required major renovations to bring it up to their standards. We reconfigured the office layout, removing interior walls and much of the interior ceiling system. We installed new lighting, new carpet, ceramic tile, acoustical ceiling tile, doors and finished hardware. The existing bathroom was reconfigured and brought up to ADA accessibility standards.

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Enterprise Rent-A-Car – South Bend, Indiana

This site was formerly a mexican restaurant and an ice cream parlor in its last incarnation. It had the arched brick windows and door openings from its origin as a mexican restaurant. It had a walk in cooler and the restaurant paraphenalia was still there. The two existing bathrooms were too small to meet ADA standards. There was no garage. The roof was in poor condition.

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