Chuck Blazevich – Culver Harbour Condominium Owner

From: Chuck Blazevich
Sent: Wednesday, November 07, 2012 3:34 PM
To: ‘Kevin Berger’
Subject: Thanks for your honesty and integrity

Kevin and Will,

I am not one to give quick compliments to a company after a single experience. After the complete reconstruction of the Harbour Condominiums seawall and boardwalk, installation of new roofs on all our buildings, installation of new sliding doors and windows on my unit at the Harbour and now the installation of a support beam under the floor joists of my unit, I thought I would let you know why I keep coming back to your company.

We spent a lot of time hammering out contracts for the first three projects that cost somewhere North of $220,000. I am from Chicago and you basically cannot trust anyone. The contracts were extensive and protected both of us but in the end we had verbal agreements on what you would cover if any unknown things came up. I was extremely pleased when you honored every verbal commitment you made. You never forgot and I never forgot. It is such a pleasure working with a company that keeps their word.

It is more than just keeping your word that is important to me. When you were replacing my large sliding door we knew the header was rotten and that was part of the price. Just before we signed the contract I asked if the price covered all other problems with the frame and support and you said it did. You discovered there was only one floor joist in the middle of the door instead of one on each side. You automatically installed another floor joist as part of the price. What was great is that you fixed the original construction problem and did not charge me extra. A lot of contractors would have just left it the way it was since it would cost them more money. I never felt I had to be there to watch everything you were doing. You also fixed many small problems with our roofs that many contractors would have just covered up.

I keep coming back because you are trustworthy, keep your word and do a thorough and complete job without anyone looking over your shoulder. I can remember where that was the normal practice but in today’s dog eat dog world, it is great to find a company like Easterday Construction.

On the project you are about to start, we agreed not even to have a contract. I sent Will an email with the details of the project. The contract was included right in the email and is copied here: I agree to pay and you agree to give me a fair price since we trust each other.

After sending the email to Will, I forwarded it to Ann and my oldest son and told them if anything happened to me, make sure you pay Easterday. My son was very surprised I would spend that much money on a handshake until I told him the whole background.

Thanks for everything,

Chuck Blazevich

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