Garden Court Projects

Argos Garden Court Groundbreaking

Easterday Construction Co., Inc. has been working with Garden Court since 1998 when we began construction on the Argos Garden Court project in Argos, Indiana.  Garden Court is a not for profit organization located in Plymouth, Indiana.   They are dedicated to establishing affordable housing for the elderly in Plymouth and surrounding communities in northern Indiana.  They provide these services through HUD grants, establishing 501(c)3 corporations for each individual project location.

Reverend Ronald Liechty is President of Garden Court and Mr. Dean Byers serves as Vice President.  They work with a dedicated board of other volunteers to shepherd communities through their in-kind support as they establish new projects throughout their service area.  Garden Court contracts management of their facilities to Real Estate Management Corporation in South Bend, IN.

B.A. Martin Architects, P.C. has been the architectural design firm for all of the Garden Court projects constructed by Easterday Construction Co., Inc.   They also designed several previous projects before we became involved.  Our working relationship has been a good one and we have collaborated with them for many years on many projects beyond these with Garden Court.

Easterday Construction has participated with Garden Court on the following projects:

Garden Court – Bourbon, Indiana

Easterday Construction Co., Inc. completed construction of the Bourbon Garden Court in Bourbon, Indiana in 2004. It is a 22 unit facility located at 200 W. Florence Street on the west side of Bourbon in the shadow of Water Tower. This is the second Garden Court project that we have completed.

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Garden Court – Argos, Indiana

Argos Garden Court is the first Garden Court constructed by Easterday Construction Co., Inc. We began this project in 1998, completing construction in 1999. This is a 23 unit facility in Argos, Indiana.

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