The Dandelion Bar – Plymouth, Indiana

Easterday Construction Co., Inc. was asked to help with the remodeling of Wright’s Landing in Plymouth when Brenda Fortin assumed ownership and recreated it as The Dandelion Bar.  The existing facility resided in two separate buildings with the bar divided into two separate bars on either side of an interior bearing wall.  Ms. Fortin had contracted with Strang & Associates in Plymouth to work out structural changes allowing the bearing wall to be removed and replaced by a structural steel beam, opening up the area and creating better flow between the two sections of the building.  This was important to her vision of the facility as a music venue.  Now both sides of the building were opened to the stage area.

We introduced Ms. Fortin to J.G. Cabinets and helped work through the creation of a new bar including cabinetry and bar top.  She had chosen a floating wood floor for the remodeled section of the building and we were able to provide cabinetry that tied into the style of the flooring.

Upon investigation of the floor structure we found that the existing floor was not sufficiently stable or level and that it would require remediation prior to installation of the finished floor.  We stripped the damaged floor areas, leveled the joist and reconnected bridging or added missing bridging where necessary.  A new subfloor was then screwed and glued to the joist in order to provide a stable base for the flooring.

To save costs, Ms. Fortin served as her own General Contractor, using our expertise and assistance as necessary.  She also remodeled the restrooms as part of this project.  She selected furnishing and light fixtures changing the overall “feel” of the facility.  An article was printed in the South Bend Tribune that mentions her new facility and its history is included here.  (Click the pictures below for larger versions.)

South Bend Tribune Article on The Dandelion Bar

South Bend Tribune Article (page 2) on The Dandelion Bar

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