Door Village United Methodist Church – Door Village, Indiana

Easterday Construction Co., Inc. had just completed the elevator addition at Wanatah when we received a call from Mr. Wes Kesler regarding his Church in Door Village.  They had been considering installing an elevator and had heard about our work at Wanatah.  Mr. Kessler introduced us to Pastor Jones and together we worked through several options to determine what would work best for the Church.

The Church already had ramp access from the exterior, but there was no access to the Community Room in the basement.  We were able to carve out a location for a chair lift that served both floors.  We were able to make use of part of a closet on the main floor and a storage room in the basement in order to minimize the disturbance to the existing Church.  Church members provided in kind work in order to make this project economical.  B.A. Martin Architects, P.C. consulted with us on this project as a subcontractor under our Design/Build proposal.  Our site superintendent was Mr. Bob Cooper.


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