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Culver Zoning 7/19 Update – Part 1

I was pleased to hear one of the plan commission members bring up affordable housing and how zoning restrictions often stymie creative solutions. I hope he carries this forward into the ongoing Comprehensive Plan meetings.

Ginny Munroe – Soaring Eagle

Last Thursday evening Becky and I were pleased to be invited to attend the ceremonial dinner where Ginny Munroe was awarded the LaSalle Council of the Boy Scouts of America Soaring Eagle Award. This award is given to individuals who have been successful in their field of endeavor and have demonstrated integrity, a record of volunteer leadership, and service to youth and their community. Soaring Eagle Award honorees are people who have been unselfish in their service to others on an individual and community basis.  They seek no return for their service, other than satisfaction of aiding their fellow citizens,  their community and their nation.

Residential Fire Sprinklers

There is a regressive fees that communities are currently putting on these systems. This is often a hidden tax as well, i.e. one that’s not recognized until the bill comes after construction.

Culver Garden Court, Culver Indiana

Culver Garden Court, Inc. is the 7th Garden Court constructed by Easterday Construction Co., Inc. We worked with Garden Court for over 7 years to find a suitable site for a project in Culver before coming to an agreement with a property owner on the south side of town. What resulted is a 13 unit facility located at 801 South Main Street in Culver completed in 2012.

Garden Court – Argos, Indiana

Argos Garden Court is the first Garden Court constructed by Easterday Construction Co., Inc. We began this project in 1998, completing construction in 1999. This is a 23 unit facility in Argos, Indiana.

A Garden Court for Culver

I was asked to write an article for the Culver Citizen explaining a little about Garden Court and the positive reasons for bringing one to Culver as well as the obstacles preventing the project. It was printed in the paper last week along with a sidebar I wrote giving a little description of the umbrella group that is Garden Court.

Sand Hill Farm – Zero Lot Line Homes

For a municipality, zero lot line developments maximize the use of available utilities as they require less frontage and the corresponding reduction in water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer lines for the homes.

Sand Hill Farm – Fairfield Commons Comparison

Fairfield Farms is a P.U.D. (Planned Unit Development). It has a mix of single family homes, apartments and townhouses.

Sand Hill Farm – PUD

Sand Hill Farm is the working name of the Planned Unit Development (PUD) that I plan to submit for consideration to the Culver Plan Commission.

Sand Hill Farm – Pocket Towns

I’m still trying to figure out how granite curbs were affordable in central Florida at the turn of the century when there wouldn’t be a quarry within hundreds, if not a thousand miles.

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