Marshall County: Nice Scientists not Welcome!

April 4, 2013



Verizon Mad Scientist AdI ran across this ad and found it amusing juxtapositioned against the current news articles about the Concerned Property Owners of Marshall County (What happened to their advocate counterpart? – blog here) and the Marshall County Commissioners and Plan Commission like this one.  Verizon may not want to run this ad around here.  On the wind farm issue, we don’t truck with Mad OR Nice Scientists.  Let’s not muddy an emotional issue!   We want our bald eagles killed the old fashion way through slow mercury poisoning from coal fired power plants, not whacked by newfangled wind turbines…

I wrote a blog post a while back and then decided it wasn’t worth the potential fallout from posting it.  The post involves a little internet research on Bald Eagles and mercury poisoning.  As I stated in the post, it’s only internet research and is therefore suspect, but it does provide a different perspective.  IF you want to read it, let me know and I’ll send you a link.

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