I am surrounded by sickness here lately.  Becky has been sick this week and is hacking and coughing and snotty when I go home.  Will and Kathy are both hacking and coughing here at the office.  Kathy has been making fun of me for wiping down my phone after she uses it!

For years I’ve been one of those people that wash my hands in the public restroom and then use the paper towel to open the door when I leave.  Touchless is great, where everything is on sensors and my preference is for bathrooms without doors or with doors that open out, but that doesn’t always work.  I’m not a big fan of the blower dryers for this reason.  

Well, I’ve noticed that I’m apparently not the only one.  More and more public restrooms have trash cans near the exit.  (Keeps me from having to practice my basketball shot across the room!)  I got a little vindication from Commercial Building Products magazine this month when I saw the picture here to the right.  It came with the caption, “Mounting paper-towel dispensers near an exit door provides users the chance to protect themselves from any germs left behind by others.  The conveniently located waste container makes it easy to keep used towels off the floor.”  Good plan!

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